Hillary Clinton Presidency Touted as ‘Two-for-One’ Deal in Nevada

Henderson, NV

HENDERSON — Some Democrats in Nevada see a Hillary Clinton presidency as a two-for-one deal, because of her husband and America’s 42nd commander-in-chief, Bill.

“I would rather have two presidents in the White House, rather than a would-be [president] … I’d rather have two-for-one,” Ron Brooks, 77,  told Breitbart News in the corner of a crowded auditorium in Henderson, Nevada which was being used as a polling site for the Democratic caucuses on Saturday.

Asked if most people from his generation also see a Hillary Clinton presidency as a two-for-one deal, he said “I don’t know. I would hope they would, because those two are very, very sharp. But Bernie is pretty bad,” he said, confessing he did not feel the bern.

Another avid Clinton supporter, Christine Mangnall-Schwarz, 44, suggested to Breitbart News that Sanders should be vice president. “I love his ideas … I think he could actually be more effective in that role because he can push for the reforms that he wants in ways that won’t get stymied as much as they would if he was president.”

This idea did not sit well with Steve Green, 67, a retired computer programmer, who when asked to weight in on Mangall-Schwarz’s suggestion. “Well, maybe she should be his vice president,” he said. A die-hard Sanders supporter, Green said he was “much more concerned about their platforms and what they believe in.” He said instead of getting two Clintons, “I’d rather have one Bernie.”

Sanders seems to also be enjoying the backing of “old, white liberal men. The people who were for Robert Kennedy and Gene McCarthy back in the day,” Green pointed out.

Former Nevada Governor Robert Miller, who served between 1989-1999, also had kind words for Clinton. He said he chaired Bill Clinton’s campaign in Nevada in 1992 and spoke accolades of Clinton’s experience on foreign policy matters. Miller also said that he knows Clinton personally and gave a very different view of her than has been presented by many in the media. “She’s a very caring person. She cares about each and every individual and that they get a better opportunity in life. But she’s very sincere and genuine about that and she’s had a lifetime track record of improving it.”

Ron Lopez, 65, works for the Clark County Education Association — a teacher’s union — which opted not to back any candidate. Lopez voted for Bernie. His wife, Patty Krajcech, 66, however voted for Hillary.

“I caucused for Hillary the first time she ran and I don’t believe she’s changed since then. She understands the unspoken conversation about Yucca Mountain,” a nuclear waste repository in the desert. “Yucca Mountain has not been discussed and she has already put forth her position on Yucca Mountain being used as a storage facility for nuclear waste.”

Asked if she would back Sanders if he also introduced a plan for the Yucca Mountains issue, she said “no” noting her belief that Clinton ultimately “deals in reality.”

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