Romney: Nancy Reagan’s Passing Marks ‘Final Goodbye to the Days of Ronald Reagan’

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

Former Governor Mitt Romney waved “a final goodbye to the days of Ronald Reagan” in a message marking the passing of former First Lady Nancy Reagan.

Romney, who re-entered the public spotlight this week to attack Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, said Reagan possessed “charm, grace, and a passion for America.”

Romney posted on his Facebook page:

With the passing of Nancy Reagan, we say a final goodbye to the days of Ronald Reagan. With charm, grace, and a passion for America, this couple reminded us of the greatness and the endurance of the American experiment. Some underestimate the influence of a First Lady but from Martha and Abigail through Nancy and beyond, these women have shaped policy, strengthened resolve, and drawn on our better angels. God and Ronnie have finally welcomed a choice soul home.

According to the AP, the 94-year-old “former first lady died Sunday at her home in the Bel-Air section of Los Angeles of congestive heart failure, assistant Allison Borio told The Associated Press.”