Marco Rubio Dismisses Unity Ticket with Ted Cruz as ‘House of Cards’ Fantasy

Season Two Poster/Netflix
Season Two Poster/Netflix

Sen. Marco Rubio dismissed the idea that he was considering a unity ticket with Ted Cruz to stop Donald Trump from winning the nomination for president.

“I have never talked to Ted Cruz about that, I have never talked to anybody about that,” he said emphatically to reporters today during a press conference at the Temple Beth El here in West Palm Beach.

“None. Zero,” he added, when questioned if there was a chance he would create a unity ticket.

He suggested that the idea was just an absurd observation made by idle pundits on Twitter and on political blogs.

“This is stuff from like House of Cards,” he said. “That’s not real life. OK?”

Rubio reminded reporters that the race was still on to see who would win the majority of delegates in the primary contests before the Republican convention. The eventual nominee, he explained, would be selected according to the rules of the Republican party.

“There are rules in place in the Republican party to handle that if and when it happens, but I have not discussed that with anybody,” he said.

When asked if he was open to the idea, he denied it.

“No I am not open to it,” he said. “I’m open to one thing, and that is winning Florida on Tuesday and going on from there to getting the delegates that I need to be the Republican nominee or at least more delegates than anybody else.”