Rep. Issa Says Barack Obama Still Blocking ‘Fast and Furious’ Investigation

Obama Black Background Susan WalshAP
Susan Walsh/AP

President Barack Obama has coughed up some more documents at the center of a years-long House investigation into the “Fast and Furious” scheme that cost at least one U.S. border patrol agent — Brian Terry — and smuggled thousands of guns to drug cartels.

Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA-9th) — who oversaw the initiation of the Fast and Furious investigation while he was chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee — said in a statement that Obama “has finally been forced” to comply with House investigators.

Other documents are still being withheld, said Issa, who called for a full explanation of the government-run “gun walking” program that resulted in the delivery of many U.S.-bought weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

Issa said:

After four years of objection and delay, President Obama has finally been forced to give up additional documents related to why senior Justice Department officials in his administration lied to Congress.

What we need from the President is an explanation of why he felt these documents couldn’t been seen by the American people and why there has been no real accountability for the officials involved. Was he protecting the failed gun-walking operation or the cover-up?

Unfortunately, the President has not yet fully complied with Congressional subpoenas. I am pleased to learn that the House of Representatives is continuing to prosecute the legal case against the President’s claim of executive privilege until all documents related to the Fast and Furious investigation have been delivered.

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