Police: Woman Hid Heroin in Her Vagina, Then Tried to Eat It During Strip Search

Nashville, TN

Authorities in Nashville, Tennessee report that a woman arrested on an outstanding warrant had hidden a packet of heroin in her vagina when apprehended and then tried to eat it during a strip search.

Police report that employees of a local Thornton’s Gas Station called police when they saw a woman sitting in a parked car for an unusual amount of time in the store’s parking lot. Upon investigating, officers identified Jean Carrion-Velazquez and, when they ran her name, found an outstanding warrant on her. In the vehicle, officers also found three needles they say had recently been used to shoot heroin.

Carrion-Velazquez was taken to the Davidson County Jail for processing and was subjected to a routine strip search. It was then the officer discovered something hidden away in her privates. Officer reported finding a “folded piece of paper with a white powdery substance inside her vagina.”

The suspect quickly grabbed the object. According to police, she tried to “place the paper in her mouth and swallow it before the sheriffs could grab it.”

Officers were able to wrest the substance away from her, whereupon she allegedly admitted it was heroin.

A look at the suspect’s Facebook page shows a very different looking young woman, proving what heroin can do to a user. (You can tell it’s the same woman by looking at the three dots tattooed next to her left eye).

Carrion-Velazquez was booked on possession of an illegal drug and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

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