Nebraskan Republican Joins Progressives in Fight to Abolish Death Penalty

AP Photo
AP Photo

Nebraska state Senator Colby Coash (R-Dist. 27) is joining hands with colleague state Senator Ernie Chambers (I-Dist. 11) in a fight to abolish the death penalty.

Coash says he is fighting the death penalty because he believes it goes against pro-life principles and because he fears an innocent life might be taken on death row. His ally in this pro-life fight, Senator Chambers, is a black man who recently said he would grab “a semi-automatic weapon” and “mow everybody down” if he were white.

According The Washington Post, Coash was elected to the Nebraska legislature in 2008, and he arrived intent on abolishing the death penalty. He spends time reaching out to fellow Republicans, asking them to join the fight against capital punishment for capital crimes.

In May 2015, “Nebraska’s legislature voted to repeal the death penalty, becoming the 19th state to ban it and the seventh since 2007.” Governor Pete Ricketts (R) vetoed the repeal, but Coash and his anti-death penalty colleagues overrode the veto, guaranteeing that even the most brutal of murderers and sexual criminals will get to live out their natural lives incarcerated at Nebraska taxpayers’ expense.

A November ballot initiative, supported by Governor Ricketts, will give Nebraskans the opportunity to stop Coash’s push to abolish the death penalty. If passed, the initiative will reinstate the death penalty so that those who take a life in cold blood will pay with their own lives.

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