Rudy Giuliani: I Wouldn’t Hire [Clinton] as the Dog Catcher of New York City

dog catcher Rebecca S. Gratz, AP
Rebecca S. Gratz/AP
Phoenix, AZ

Wearing a “Make Mexico Great Again Also” hat, America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani had high praise for the Republican nominee’s historic and “courageous trip to Mexico to go meet the President of Mexico.” Speaking from the podium in front of thousands of screaming Trump supporters in Phoenix, Arizona Wednesday night, Giuliani slammed Hillary Clinton for her stance on illegal immigration.

According to Giuliani, he would not hire Hillary Clinton to be dog catcher. “Based on her experience as Secretary of State, I wouldn’t hire her as the dog catcher of New York City.”

“She’ll open our borders even more. Look at the situation with the Syrian refugees” Giuliani proclaimed. “We have all these refugees from Syria, all of that caused by the fact that President Obama and Hillary Clinton have totally ruined the Middle East. Hillary Clinton is running on her experience as Secretary of State.”

As Giuliani went on with his speech, he began to remind the crowd of all the dirty dealings that Clinton has done both before she was Secretary of State, during, and even after. All of these dirty dealings would have landed any normal American in jail, but somehow Clinton has gotten away with it.

In regard to the emails, Giuliani highlighted, “You would have been indicted and arrested now, eight months ago, 10 months ago if you did what she did. If you destroyed 33,000 e-mails, and now we find that she lied about them, they didn’t contain references to Benghazi, a lie. They contained references to Benghazi.”

After covering the email scandal, Giuliani moved on to Clinton’s supposed “feminist” platform in relation to the Clinton Foundation dealings. “She takes millions and millions and millions of dollars and her husband takes millions of dollars in speaking fees from dictators, oppressors, for people who discriminate against women, for people who run countries where women can’t drive cars. And she has the nerve to say the Republican Party has a war on women.” Giuliani continued, “The biggest war on women are all those people she was taking money from.”

Giuliani ended his speech by asking the crowd a series of questions that highlight what a strong candidate Donald Trump is compared to Clinton. “You want a secure border? You want more jobs? You want a — you want a President who can sit down like Donald Trump did today with the President of Mexico and have a frank and clear discussion and explain what we need for the United States?” The crowd began to loudly applaud and cheer after each question. Yells of “Trump, Trump, Trump” could be heard from the enthusiastic crowd.

Watch Giuliani’s full speech here