VIDEO: Beauty Store Owner Holds Hair Extension Robbery Suspect at Gunpoint

Beauty Shop Thief

A beauty shop owner in Mobile, Alabama, pulled a gun on suspected hair extension thieves, chasing one from the store and holding the other at gunpoint until police arrived.

The incident occurred Thursday evening at 1st Choice Virgin Hair Store.

According to Local 15, the female store owner, who did not want her face to appear on camera, said she showed the extensions to a couple female customers. Thereafter, one of the customers allegedly distracted her while the other grabbed the hair.

The owner said:

Once I showed them the hair I put the hair behind me and the other girl I guess she wanted to distract me, so she asked me to come down to the other side of the store. While I was down there the other girl jumped over the counter to snatch the bundles of hair and I see her so I immediately ran, grabbed my gun, jumped over the counter, and the one who grabbed the hair she got away but her accomplice I stopped in progress. And I told her if she didn’t get down I would shoot her.

When the owner realized what was happening, she grabbed her gun and jumped the counter, chasing one of the suspects from the store, then returning and ordering the second one to get down on the ground. The woman who fled the store allegedly took $1,300 worth of hair extensions. When police arrived, they arrested the woman held at gunpoint, 20-year-old Ariel Goodwin.

The owner said, “We’ve had it happen before and I had to do the same thing, hold people at gunpoint until police come.” She said she has never had to shoot anyone, but made clear she will not hesitate to pull a gun if her business is targeted again: “I’m here to protect myself and my customers, the ones here for the right purpose. But at the same time I work too hard to have people come and steal from me when all they have to do is go to work.”

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