Memo Shows Clinton Foundation Charged $100,000 for Meetings with Bill Clinton

Doug Benc/AP

A memo found among Clinton Foundation documents reveals that supporters wanting a one-on-one meeting with Bill Clinton were charged at least $100,000 per meeting.

The December 7, 2012 memo uncovered by hacker site WikiLeaks shows that two business owners paid up to $140,000 to have that special meeting with the former president during the time that Hillary Clinton was President Obama’s Secretary of State.

The document details efforts to raise cash for a $250 million endowment fund for the Clinton Foundation. In the listing of donors for the project is a column marked “reason for gift,” and under that heading is listed the names of the two businessmen.

The first listed is Joe Kiani, the founder of medical device maker Masimo. The document dutifully records his $140,000 “gift” for “Meeting with WJC,” meaning William Jefferson Clinton.

The second person listed is Alex Karp, the CEO of software company Palantir Technologies. Karp is recorded as paying $100,000 for a meeting with Bill.

Records show that Kiani went on to pay out as much as $630,000 to host Bill Clinton speeches at his company. In turn, Clinton has praised Kiani’s patient safety initiative several times, Daily Caller reported.

As for Mr. Karp, his company was the lucky recipient of a partnership with the Clinton Foundation in various projects.

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