Elderly Woman Attacked While Awaiting Dialysis Treatment

Woman Dialysis Attacked

An elderly woman was attacked while awaiting kidney dialysis treatment in New York City early Saturday morning.

Jean Richards, 70, was standing alone on West 233rd Street in the Bronx outside Da Vita Dialysis Center waiting for the center to open when a suspicious woman approached her, CBS New York reports.

“Because I see, she was up to no good and the next thing she grabbed my pocket book and I held onto it, and she punched me in my face like about five times,” Richards said.

Richards suffered minor injuries to her face and tried to summon help.

“By this time, the driver was gone. I was by myself, I didn’t see nobody. I was yelling, I was screaming for help,” she said.

The woman stole Richards’s purse, credit cards, and other belongings.

Richards, traumatized by the incident, had no choice but to return to the clinic for treatment for her kidney failure.

“This is a terrible disease, you could die if you don’t get your treatment, so what I did this morning, I called them and I’m I’m changing my time, so I’m going in when it’s light out,” she said.

The NYPD has not made any arrests yet in this case and is still investigating the incident.