Horowitz: SCOTUS Is Letting the Appeals Courts Rewrite the Nation’s Laws

Jose Luis Magana/AP

The progressive-led Supreme Court is letting the progressive-dominated Federal Appeals Courts quietly rewrite the nation’s laws and civic rules, and also sideline elected legislators, voters, and the nation’s traditions, customs and laws, says Daniel Horowitz, editor of Conservative Review.

It is my hope that the coming judicial onslaught — from destroying state sovereignty and religious liberty laws to mandating rights for illegal aliens and codifying transgenderism — will serve as the inspiration for conservatives to finally restore the proper balance of power between Congress, the states, and the federal judiciary. Concurrently, with control of 33 state legislative chambers, hopefully this is the year when we finally gain critical momentum in the push for an Article V Convention of the States to reform the judiciary and the entire broken political structure from outside Washington, D.C.

To that end, I give you a partial year in review from our archives to look back at some of the craziest court decisions of the year:

4. Court nullifies North Carolina elections and calls for new off-year elections After originally “striking down” North Carolina’s state elections maps — an area of law over which states fully control — a federal district court mandated new state legislative elections to be held in 2017, in contravention to the state’s constitution. Together with many other rulings this year throughout the country, federal courts have crowned themselves king over state elections. They have effectively empowered themselves to create new election maps and even new elections, invariably benefiting Democrats…

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