Lindsey Graham Meets Donald Trump for Lunch–Gives Him New Cell Phone Number

Lindsey Graham Destroys Cell Phone

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a frequent critic of Donald Trump, met with the president for lunch on Tuesday to find common ground.

In a statement, Graham told reporters that the lunch went so well that he gave the president his “NEW cell phone number,” referring to the old cell phone number, which Trump publicly gave out during his presidential campaign after the Senator criticized him.

“I had a great lunch meeting with President Trump today,” he said. “He is strongly committed to rebuilding our military, which is music to my ears.”

Graham didn’t mention Russia or Syria — issues on which The President and the South Carolina senator differ considerably. But he did appear to welcome Trump’s committment to working with Congress.

“President Trump is in deal-making mode, and I hope Congress is like-minded,” he said.