AG Jeff Sessions: ‘I’m an Admirer of Steve Bannon’

Bannon, Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed that White House Chief Strategist and former Breitbart News Chairman Steve Bannon has his confidence on the Laura Ingraham radio show Wednesday.

“What is your take on how the Trump agenda could be imperiled if in fact Steve Bannon winds up out of the White House?”Ingraham asked Sessions.

“I’m an admirer of Steve Bannon and the Trump family. And they’ve been supportive of what we’re doing. I’ve not felt any pushback against me on anything I’ve done or advocated,” was Sessions’s reply.

Sessions joined Ingraham to talk immigration and tout the roll-out of his new measures at the southern border. The exchange arose when Ingraham pressed Sessions on rumors of what she called “growing influence of more moderate voices” in President Donald Trump’s White House, which might endanger the president’s commitment to tough immigration reform. “People like the president’s son-in-law and daughter have been urging others to tone down the rhetoric on immigration,” Ingraham said, paraphrasing these widely reported rumors.

Asked who in the White House besides Bannon shared his own views on securing the border and stopping illegal immigration, Sessions quickly replied, “The president shares that view! He’s still insisting we’re gonna build this wall. And he’s not backing down from it.”

“We’re carrying out his agenda,” Sessions said of the president, “and I think that’s shared throughout the White House.”