Democrat Congresswoman Demands Senate Sergeant at Arms Protect Young Staffers from Roy Moore

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via AP
Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via AP

A Democrat congresswoman wrote to the Senate Sergeant at Arms on Monday demanding that additional measures be taken to protect Senate pages should Alabama Republican candidate Judge Roy Moore be elected to the U.S. Senate.

Since winning his primary race against the establishment-backed candidate Luther Strange, Moore has faced a wave of attacks from the mainstream media, which include claims that he molested a 14-year-old girl when he was in his 30’s. Moore has vociferously denied any wrongdoing.

Yet in a letter to the Senate Sergeant at Arms, Rep. Gwenn Moore (D-WI) warned that it would be “unconscionable for Congress to not be vigilant and proactive in taking precautions to safeguard these children given the well-sourced allegations against Roy Moore.”

The children she is referring to are known as “Senate Pages,” who are typically high school students employed to perform duties on behalf of their local senators.

“I write you today to share my urgent concern regarding the threat to the safety of the young men and women working in the United States Senate Page Program if Roy Moore becomes the U.S. Senator in Alabama,” Gwen Moore wrote.

“I would like to know what preventive steps are being undertaken to safeguard Senate Pages from the predatory conduct of U.S. Senators and Senate staff,” she continued. “The U.S. Congress has an obligation to keep these students safe especially in light of known potential harm.”

A recent poll by CBS News found that a majority of Alabama Republicans believe that the allegations against Judge Roy Moore are untrue, and instead represent a plan by the mainstream media to thwart his candidacy, as evidence against him continues to be discredited.

Meanwhile, the latest Emerson Poll released on Monday showed that Moore has increased his lead over his opponent Democrat Doug Jones to nine points, 53 percent to 44 percent.

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