Damon Flop Blamed on Obama Critique

For years, actors have been essentially insulting half their potential audience by trashing the right in press interviews and talk show appearances.

Just ask Kate Beckinsale, who told Entertainment Weekly regarding the 2008 elections – “And I was so shocked to see people admitting to being Republican on their front lawn!”

Now, The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Index feature suggests the reason Matt Damon’s “We Bought a Zoo” flopped was … wait for it … because Damon dared to critique President Barack Obama. [Link behind paywall]

The actor’s media slams of President Obama and ‘Bourne Identity’ writer Tony Gilroy probably didn’t help ‘We Bought a Zoo,’ which has disappointed at the box office.

When was the last time a major press outlet blamed the death of the movie star on said stars mocking the people who pay for movie tickets?

Had Damon insulted President Obama a few weeks after his inauguration – when his popularity was sky high – then that observation could have merit. But Damon respectfully disagreed with Obama’s accomplishments at a time when a new poll reveals people by a two-to-one margin are “afraid” of an Obama second term.

It’s just as silly to assume people even care that Damon trashed one of the minds behind the “Bourne” trilogy. That kind of inside baseball thinking likely doesn’t even dent the average movie goer’s mind.