Hulu Gets Political, Preps 'West Wing Lite'

Hulu isn’t just for watching your favorite TV shows of today – and yesterday – any more.

The streaming platform is planning original content just like its 21st century peer Netflix, and one of the first new Hulu shows out of the gate feels like “West Wing Lite.”


“Battleground,” debuting Feb. 14 on Hulu, takes us behind-the-scenes, “Office” style, of a senatorial campaign. The candidate in question is a Democrat, so expect plenty of scenes about believing in the cause, fighting the power, changing the system, etc.

The first glimpse of the new show does feature those moments, but the focus appears to be on the lifestyles of the young, overworked campaign staffers as opposed to policy wonk soliloquies.

Plenty of fodder there, no doubt, for a series which could help Hulu branch out from its original purpose. But with the presidential election season about to kick into high gear, the show’s brain trust will be tempted to tap into the political zeitgeist.