Exclusive Clip: Bloopers from Faith-Based Indie 'Courageous'

When people unfamiliar with Sherwood Baptist’s line of movies such as “Facing the Giants” and “Fireproof” see their trailers, they can sometimes get the impression that these independent films are very emotional inspirational dramas. And while that’s true, the films also contain a good chunk of humor, some slice-of-life zaniness from the culture of Albany, Georgia, where the church is located and the films are produced.

Thus, it’s with pleasure that Big Hollywood presents this exclusive clip from “Courageous,” the latest film by director Alex Kendrick, available now on DVD and Blu-ray. Have a look at some of the bloopers, flubs, and just plain fun had on set during the film’s lighter moments:

“Courageous” is available at Amazon.com.