Hypocritical Redford Says Sundance Belongs to the 99 Percent

Leave it to the guru of Sundance to hitch his wagon to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Robert Redford, who created the Sundance Film Festival in the late 1970s, announced at the start of the 2012 edition that the event is not for those untoward one percent types.

Robert Redford Sundance

We show stories of what people in America are really dealing with, and really living with, against a consequence of having a government that’s let them down,” Redford said. “People can come and say, ‘God, at least we’re seeing how people are really living in America, and what they’re up against.’ We square away on the 99 percent. contributor Hollie McKay begs to differ.

But the scene in Park City, Utah, where Sundance is held, would seem to run counter to Redford’s characterization, with big corporations sponsoring virtually every event and venue, and super rich celebrities racing each other to scoop up corporate sponsor freebies.

McKay’s piece lines up the sponsors who help grease the event’s wheels, the celebrities grinning as they scoop up swag and the indie studios who crave big name stars to make their projects pop. Read the rest of McKay’s article for a fuller account of how Redford’s festival is all about the one percent perks.