Adam Carolla to Liberals: Stop Attacking the Rich

Adam Carolla used to brag on his old “Loveline” radio show that he was “literally” a millionaire. It was meant to be funny in a faux boastful fashion, but it also was clear he didn’t mind people knowing he was rich.

He earned it, and he wasn’t ashamed to say so.

Now, Carolla is stepping up his assault on liberals who want the rich to feel too darn guilty to enjoy their excess.

He hates the fact that the rich have to pretend they’re not wealthy. “We’ve turned our world into some kind of prison yard, and if somebody finds out you’ve got a couple of cartons of cigarettes stuffed down your pants, you’re going to get torn apart [on] the handball courts.”

Given the contributions rich families such as the Carnegies and the Rockefellers have made to the arts, Carolla finds it “weird” to equate rich with evil. If the rich are evil, “why are you sitting in their library? Why are you sitting in their hall? Why did I just listen to a whole show on orangutans with no commercials that they paid for?”

Carolla chafes at the idea that the rich got their money from their mommies and daddies. “With every person I know who is considered rich — who makes more than $200,000 — it has nothing to do with their parents, other than maybe their parents fed them, raised them, and possibly helped them with college.” Rather, “every guy I know who makes over $250,000 has two or three jobs, and their parents are in a completely different field: They’re schoolteachers, bus drivers, or they work for the post office….”

“It’s high time,” Carolla concludes for “people making over $250,000 to say: First off, I’m not rich. Second, shut up. And third, why don’t you burn half the calories you are by pointing your finger at me by figuring out how I got rich in the first place?

Carolla works in an industry where millionaires rub elbows daily with multi-millionaires at parties the 99 percent could never afford to attend.