'Honey 2' Blu-ray Review: Nice Dancing … But Where's the Story?

“Honey 2” continues the tradition of dance flicks being mediocre and not worth watching beyond the dance scenes. “Honey 2” is a straight-to-video sequel to the 2003 film, “Honey,” starring Jessica Alba. This film gives us Katerina Graham as a troubled youth who joins a new dance crew after getting out of juvie due to the illegal activity of her last crew. The new film is directed by Billie Woodruff (“Honey”) and is available on DVD and Blu- ray now.

“Honey 2” speaks of a larger truth. It’s a sad generation that I regrettably belong to. The film is designed to appeal to every aspect of the clubbing youngsters of today. The film is flashy, has all the latest clubbing hits and contains dialogue that throws around a lot of “hatin'” and “frontin'” and “why you be blastin’?” Sad. Very sad. The movie has no real interest beyond moving from one dance sequence to another which doesn’t really say much bad about the film. It hits its goals … however low those goals may be.

The actors of “Honey 2” are not exactly bad. It’s just that the film’s script doesn’t require them to be any good. Dialogue and situations like that of this film almost inspire bad performances.

“Honey 2” shines only when the dance sequences come. That’s where the director, the DP and even the actors prove their worth. The film never tries to fancy the sequences up to make them look slicker than they are. Woodruff and director of photography David Klien (who has gone a long way since “Clerks”) give the film a bright and stylish look and photograph their actors and dancers perfectly well. A lot of work has clearly gone into the film’s dancing sequences and even setting up the mock television series where the dance crews compete.

The dancing sequences are not the issue with the film. The issue is that beyond the dance sequences, everything in the film feels false and contrived. Most dance flicks feel like that, and they are still going strong, so if this is your genre of film then “Honey 2” will not disappoint. Hell, it’ll probably impress.

For the rest of us, however, “Honey 2” is far too long and corny, and it looks to be conjured up by studio heads thinking of the easiest way to appeal to today’s younger audience and make a quick buck. It’s also clear some heart has been poured into the film from the style Woodruff brings and the intensity and determination brought to the dancing in the film by everyone involved.

“Honey 2” is packed with some great special features and is worth a buy if you like dance flicks. It has plenty of deleted scenes and allows the viewer to watch some of the dance sequences only glimpsed in the film. We are also provided with a commentary by Woodruff and some making of features that give plenty of dance footage and have some genuine moments from everyone involved.

It does say something about the current state of cinema that “Honey 2” is going straight to video, but looks as if it would’ve done just fine in theaters (just had to be a little shorter). Theaters are not the exclusive place to consume cinema now, and that is evidenced by the amount of money and work put into a film like “Honey 2.” It’s professionally done despite its lack of quality and the fact that it is an unnecessary sequel.

Alas, it would be nice to see a film better than this about dance; a film that seriously dealt with the fact that dance is an outlet for many and saves some instead of just a film that feels like one extremely long music video. But, I digress (not that hard when it comes to a shallow subject like dance flicks). “Honey 2” will win over those who watch the dance shows on television and having been dying for a sequel to 2003’s “Honey.” I’m just not one of those people. And if you are … well, why are you even reading this?

Sucker Punches: None.