Box Office Predictions: '21 Jump Street' Should School the Competition

Box Office Predictions: '21 Jump Street' Should School the Competition

Last week Sensei logged one of his best prediction weekends yet. Think of this weekend as the calm before the storm with “The Hunger Games” set to open huge on March 23.

This weekend’s predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. 21 Jump Street ($32 Million) – This TV series adaptation has great timing in being the only new wide release this week. Actor Channing Tatum will have another opener similar to his 2010 film  “Dear John” which rang up $30 Million.

2. The Lorax ($24 Million) – The Dr. Seuss adaptation remains on a “Despicable Me”-like pace. Film was expensive to market, though, and will lose whatever “event feel” it has left when “The Hunger Games” opens.

3. John Carter ($18 Million) – Film’s large production budget does loom over this ($250 million), but could still surprise in coming weeks if it holds an audience.

4. Project X ($5.7 Million) – This modestly budgeted party film will experience yet another sharp drop. Box office results have been pretty marginal on this one so far.

5. Act Of Valor ($5 Million) – Very positive word of mouth will carry the film to another top five finish. This $12 million budgeted feature will easily break the $60 million mark and provide yet another shock to Hollywood’s more recent “military” based features.

That’s Sensei’s take. What films have your interest?