Full 'Dictator' Trailer: Islamists Mocked?

Full 'Dictator' Trailer: Islamists Mocked?

“Coming to America” meets the War On Terror?


I was very hard on Sacha Baron Cohen for his elitist mocking of everyday Americans in “Borat” and found “Bruno” entirely too sleazy to ever watch again. That doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the man’s talent, because I do.

“The Dictator” looks promising, not only for its seeming lack of sleaze, but because the comedian seems willing to mock Muslims, something our “edgy” entertainment class has thus far — with some notable exceptions — cowered from.  

The trailer seems to ask: Will the American people help soften an Islamist dictator?

Oh, and if you think watching the title character get slapped around by someone on our side bothers me in the least … first day reading Big Hollywood? 

Besides, it looks as though that’s the action that forces the character to join and learn from our society. So it should be interesting to see how the film itself presents the moment and our national security personnel.

Muslim or not, men who treat women with disrespect deserve an onscreen beating.

In real life, I of course would only attempt to dialogue with them in the hopes of encouraging a decision to join a sensitivity training course.