Eastwood Clan Coming to Reality TV

Eastwood Clan Coming to Reality TV

This could be more embarrassing to Clint Eastwood than “Pink Cadillac” and “City Heat” … combined.

“Mrs. Eastwood and Company,” the new reality show from E!, is set to bow May 20. The series follows Eastwood’s current squeeze, as well as the extended Eastwood clan. And, apparently, a rock band they adopted along the way.

Who knew you could adopt an entire band? The paperwork for that must be brutal.

Anyway, the first trailer for the series does show a few fleeting images of “The Man With No Name” himself, but it’s clear he won’t be the focus of the series. It’s mostly about Dina Eastwood and the acting legend’s younger kin.

Besides, we can practically hear Eastwood barking at the camera men to “get off my lawn” in true “Gran Torino” fashion.