Kimmel on WHCD: 'You Need To Make the President Laugh'

Kimmel on WHCD: 'You Need To Make the President Laugh'

We already know that comedian and late nighter Jimmy Kimmel has a hard time finding anything funny about a failed president who ate a dog and is addicted to his teleprompter, but now we know that his goal tomorrow night at the annual White House Corespondents’ Dinner is … to make the president laugh:

And Kimmel said that material-wise, this president doesn’t provide much.

“He’s the worst. He really has not helped us at all. He’s just kind of a cool guy. He doesn’t try to open doors that are locked. Somebody hands him a basketball and he makes the shot. His grammar is perfect. He’s funny when he needs to be funny.”

It’s a stark contrast to Obama’s predecessor.

“George Bush set a bar that is almost impossible to clear. It’s like he won eight gold medals at the Olympics of presidential comedy and now we have Obama. It’s such a contrast.”

There is one way, however, that the president helps the headliner, Kimmel noted. “You can kind of target them and, if they’re laughing, there will be some comfort and ease in the room.”

It’s advice Kimmel got from just about everybody he spoke to regarding the gig.

“I talked to Seth [Meyers], to Stephen [Colbert], to some other people who have been to the event a number of times. Everybody seems to say, ‘You need to make the president laugh. That’s the key.'”

Yep, make the president laugh, like a good little Palace Jester.

Obama squandered almost a hundred billion dollars on a stimulus that just this quarter slowed our economy down to 2.2%.

There’s funny there. Fail is funny.

Kimmel’s appearance is tomorrow night and hopefully he will surprise us with a little truth speaking to power.

We’ll see.

Something else you’ll want to do tomorrow is follow on Twitter as many members of the corrupt media as you can. If past is prologue, you will have the opportunity to see almost all of them gush over jokes aimed at Republicans and Romney (especially the ones that Obama tells).

This is what they did last year and it was ridiculously revealing and, in a pathetic kind of way, entertaining.