Tommy Lee Jones: Lincoln's GOP Was Left-Wing

Tommy Lee Jones: Lincoln's GOP Was Left-Wing

From SlashFilm:

Jones, who is something of a history expert, said no one has ever portrayed Lincoln as well as Day-Lewis does in this film. Being as we have yet to see anything official from Lincoln, this is more than just a ringing endorsement.

At the press junket for Men in Black 3, I commented to Jones that we hadn’t seen anything of Lincoln yet, and asked if Daniel Day-Lewis truly loses himself in the performance. Jones replied:

This is not a Lincoln that’s just stepped off the dollar bill or just arisen from the Lincoln Monument. This is not the icon or the hero and he’s not the joke of the old ‘Honest Abe’ nonesense. This is a real man and I don’t think Lincoln has ever been done as well.

The character I play is Thaddeus Stevens. He was the head of the Ways and Means Committee in the ’50s. He was a Republican, which was the left side of the political spectrum in those days. 

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