Pitt Stars in Anti-Capitalist 'Screed'

Pitt Stars in Anti-Capitalist 'Screed'

America has been very, very good to Brad Pitt.

But the Oscar nominee isn’t too pleased by the country’s capitalistic system – even if it means his gal pal gets him pretty expensive gifts now and then.

Pitt’s latest film, “Killing Them Softly,” is a barely veiled critique of America, according to the LA Times.

“America isn’t a country – it’s a business” is the film’s big line.

The actor was more muted than [director Andrew] Dominik, but he didn’t totally hold his fire either. Asked about the decision to get behind this film, he said that at the time  “we were at the apex of the home mortgage debacle and people were losing homes right and left,” adding of this movie that “you believe you’re watching a gangster film and it wasn’t until the end when it coalesced [at the “America is not a country” volley, as well as a line about Thomas Jefferson that’s best experienced firsthand] that you realized it was saying something about the larger world.”

And yet Pitt can’t put an ounce of blame on President Barack Obama, the man elected on hope, change and a return to American fairness.

Pitt went out of his way to spare Obama any connection to the new film, even though the movie includes a clip of his 2008 Democratic National Convention speech.

Does that mean “Killing Them Softly” looks back upon the last four years of President Obama’s presidency as a failure?

“I was there that night in Chicago when Obama won,” Pitt said at Cannes following the debut of his film. “It was an amazing night, people out in the street, connected.”

Pitt later added that the use of Obama’s famous speech was not done “as a cynical look back at a statement of failure but as a real expression of hope.

Like most of his famous peers, Pitt can’t point to any aspect of the economy as proof Obama’s promises came to pass. So he falls back on emotion – “a real expression of hope” – ignoring the cold, hard realities.

Then again, when you’re a millionaire working in a Hollywood system defined by capitalistic excess and greed, you’re protected from Obama’s actual results.