Carolla Charges Fix Was in at 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Carolla Charges Fix Was in at 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Clay Aiken wuz robbed according to fellow “Celebrity Apprentice” Adam Carolla. And the podcast king thinks he knows why.

“Celebrity Apprentice” crowned contestant Arsenio Hall the winner of this season’s contest, but Carolla shared his suspicions about the choice on his popular podcast.

Turns out Aiken, the runner-up, appeared to out perform or match Hall on the show in several key ways. That might not have been enough to defeat Hall, who already is rumored to be returning to the talk show wars:

“When they gave it to Arsenio, I was confused. I couldn’t believe it. And then when I was done… I probably shouldn’t mention any names – When I was done, one of the girls – I said, ‘I’m fuckin’ shocked. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was Arsenio’s team captain, so I’m fine. We were hugging it out before and drinking white wine and shit. And he comes on the show and all that. I’m just fucking shocked. I am shocked. And one of the chicks sort of pointed at her microphone and said, ‘I’ll tell you why as soon as I take this off.’ And then, later on I didn’t talk to her. Later on, I talked to another one of the chicks and she was de-mic’ed and I said, ‘What’s the deal?’ And she said, “Oh Arsenio’s got a deal with NBC or deal with whatever company and this is what they’re doing or this is how it works.’ That’s what she said. I don’t know…”

Carolla isn’t conspiratorial by nature, and he didn’t concoct and crazy theories when he was tossed out on “Dancing with the Stars.” But his skepticism could cause some viewers to think twice about the reality behind “Celebrity Apprentice” as well as similar, unscripted shows.

Expect a full-throated denial from Donald Trump in three … two … one.

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