Judicial Watch: CIA Still Has More Documents on White House's Ties to bin Laden Film

Judicial Watch: CIA Still Has More Documents on White House's Ties to bin Laden Film

Judicial Watch says more information regarding the alliance between the White House and the makers of the upcoming Osama bin Laden film is still being held back from the public.

“[The Obama administration] wanted to keep it all secret,” says Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, whose organization sued to get access to detailed accounts of how the White House and Hollywood worked together to help make director Kathryn Bigelow’s upcoming film on the raid that killed bin Laden. “This was a stonewall, pure and simple. When people stonewall, you assume they have something to hide.”

And, so far, that “something” is pretty alarming.

“The access described is extraordinary,” Fitton says, including information from top level officials at the CIA and the Pentagon, plus an invite into the top secret facility known as “The Vault.”

“It’s all designed to boost Obama’s campaign,” he says of the film, which had its debut date changed until after the presidential elections when word first leaked of the possible ties between the two parties.

The White House rushed the production along all the same, apparently in the hopes it would hit theaters before Election Day.

Judicial Watch requested the information on those discussions back in August 2011, but when the administration dragged its feet for months the group filed suit to obtain the material. The organization received 67 of 91 CIA documents pertaining to the Hollywood/Obama administration ties. And the group will keep fighting until it obtains the rest of the information.

Fitton thinks an investigation into the matter is warranted, but so far the press hasn’t seemed so eager to pursue the story.

“The media instinctively understands what typical access looks like,” he says. “They won’t say it in their coverage, but they do the same kind of work [to obtain government information].”