Comedian Margaret Cho: Obama Asian-American 'Like Tiger Woods'

Comedian Margaret Cho: Obama Asian-American 'Like Tiger Woods'

Comedian Margaret Cho, who recently said she doesn’t necessarily want to have a “retard baby,” said that President Barack Obama was “Asian-American” like Tiger Woods, perhaps forgetting the fact that, unlike Obama, Woods actually has a mom who is from Asia (Thailand). 

Cho made her comments appearing on MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry” on Sunday. Harris-Perry spoke of Obama’s upbringing in Hawaii and Indonesia and asked, “does that make President Obama the first Asian American president? … It’s a bit like calling Bill Clinton the first black president.”

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“I think it does,” Cho responded. “He claims sort of the same way Tiger Woods is Asian American … and Hawaii, to me, is Asian America in a nutshell.”

Cho then mystifyingly said Hawaii represents “Asian America in a nutshell” because she used to be able to purchase cans of Spam in Hawaii at 7-Eleven stores.

“That’s so exotic,” Cho said. “I love it.”

During Asian-American history month, Obama and his allies in the media and popular culture have tried to cast him as an “Asian-American” president just like Newsweek called him the first gay president, after Obama announced he was for legalizing same-sex marriage, even though he said the ultimate decision should be made state-by-state. 

In states like Nevada and Virginia, the Asian-American vote may swing the election if the vote is close enough, and Obama has repeatedly gone in front of Asian-American groups and said that they were “family” to him.

But “Asian-American like Tiger Woods” Obama is not, and Cho, by equating the two, not only showed how much celebrities fawn over Obama but also served as an example of how ridiculous many celebrities sound when they attempt to discuss politics.