Woodard on Obama: 'You Name It, and He's Done It'

Woodard on Obama: 'You Name It, and He's Done It'

Actress Alfre Woodard threw her support to Sen. Barack Obama back in 2008.

Not only will the star of “Passion Fish” and “Desperate Housewives” do the same this year, she’s just as fired up as before. And why not, since President Obama’s record over the past three and a half years is, in her mind, exemplary.

I am still fired up about moving forward because this president has made more progress in such a short time than any president in our history, and he’s done it with one hand tied behind his back, an openly disloyal opposition and starting out with unprecedented lows in the economy, in education, in manufacturing. You name it and he’s done it. He has steadily brought us up step-by-step out of that desperate situation.

Woodard also thinks actors are uniquely qualified to share their political wisdom with the world.

The one thing I will say about actors who are informed: It is impossible for them not to work for social justice. It is impossible for them because our job is people. We study people; we study cultures. We bring those people to life when we’re telling stories. And we live around the world … so we are actually in the trenches with people in a way that most Americans never have the opportunity, to see how people live and the problems that they are struggling under.