Sarah Silverman Suddenly Worried About Money in Politics

Sarah Silverman Suddenly Worried About Money in Politics

We didn’t hear a peep out of Sarah Silverman when then-Sen. Barack Obama outraised Sen. John McCain during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Not one syllable.

All Silverman had to say was something about a “Great Schlep” and that Obama was “the goodest person we ever had as a presidential choice.”

Talk about gulping the Kool-Aid. Frankly, I’d be pretty embarrassed to have said that about such a dud of a president. Not Silverman, apparently.

Now, the oh-so-shocking comic is back with another “outrageous” political video trying to convince billionaire GOP backer Sheldon Adelson to give his millions to Obama, not Mitt Romney. To do so, she’s promising him a dirty act as a reward.

Oh, she’s so raunchy. And predictable.

What a shame that Silverman doesn’t feel a twinge of guilt for supporting a man who brought the economy to its knees while genuflecting before every world leader he can find. And where is Silverman’s outrage over all those rich celebrities who open up their glamorous homes for Obama fundraisers?

Is Silverman really against big money in politics, or that the Obama fundraising spigot isn’t gushing green anymore?

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