Miss the 80s? Hug It Out with These Tough Guys

Miss the 80s? Hug It Out with These Tough Guys

“The Expendables 2” opens today, and to say it looks like a macho good time would be an understatement.

Star Sylvester Stallone has done it again. He’s gathered all our favorite old and weathered action heroes to show Hollywood what men are really made of.

“Expendables” has become a franchise for anyone who longs for the films, values and politics from the ’80s. So we wanted to take a moment and showcase some of the “Expendables” stars’ great – and perhaps unsung – action flicks.

Sylvester Stallone: The Italian Stallion dominated the ’80s, and it’s hard to pick a film that doesn’t involve Rocky Balboa or John Rambo, but let’s give it a shot … “Cobra.” That’s right. “Cobra.” The film responsible for the infamous tagline: “Crime is a Disease. Meet the Cure.” Stallone put holes in bad guys and rocked some ’80s shades with nothing but swagger. “Cobra” is like “Dirty Harry” on amphetamines.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Get to the choppa!” The pick is obvious. What other ’80s flick gave us more memorable lines? Schwarzenegger fought aliens from another planet in this one. “Predator” was one of the truly great action films of the decade. Arnold chomped on cigars and carried a big-ass gun. Meanwhile, other “artists” worked on their “craft.” “I ain’t got time to bleed,” and I ain’t got time to mess around! Next tough guy!

Bruce Willis: The “Moonlighting” star didn’t really pop in the ’80s the same way his two counterparts did. He came in at the end of the decade with one of the greatest action flicks of all time and continued to dominate the screens as a leading man and dramatic actor. So yipee-ki-yay, readers! We all know “Die Hard” has got to be the pick. The 1988 film showcased a working stiff hero who didn’t always walk away unscratched. He was only the hero because no else stepped up. Willis was pitch perfect for the reluctantly awesome John McClane.

Dolph Lundgren: “Rocky IV,” obviously. Did he even make anything else? Just kidding, Dolph. Please don’t break me …

Chuck Norris: The ultimate man makes a return to the big screen after a much too long hiatus. The bearded menace commandeered a surprisingly good flick called “Lone Wolf McQuade” in the ’80s. He fights David Carradine and reminds women what chest hair and guns look like. This is really all you need to know.

Sound off in the comments below about your favorite ’80s action flicks or your favorite “Expendables” stars. And be sure to check out Stallone and his gang of merry misfits save the day once again in “The Expendables 2.”