'Baby Jane' is Back … on Blu-ray

'Baby Jane' is Back … on Blu-ray

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford famously squared off in the 1962 thriller “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”

It’s a gothic saga ripe for a remake. Sisters Lynn and Vanessa Redgrave did the honors courtesy of a 1991 television film, and director Walter Hill is plotting a new big-screen version.

We can catch up with the original once more, in high def, courtesy of the just-released 50th anniversary edition.

The film casts Davis and Crawford as an aging ex-child star and her crippled sister, respectively, in a film which earned five Oscar nominations and won for Best Costume Design.

The new Blu-ray includes the original film, plus extras including a campy commentary track by Charles Busch and John “Lipsynka” Epperson, a clip of Davis on “The Andy Williams Show,” a TCM special called “All About Bette” and “Bette and Joan: Blind Ambition.”