No Thanks: Romney Bails on 'View' Appearance

No Thanks: Romney Bails on 'View' Appearance

The women of “The View” won’t get to throw cheap shot questions at Mitt Romney after all.

The GOP presidential candidate was slated to appear on the show Thursday, a program featuring an overwhelmingly left-of-center panel.

Now, Romney has changed his mind but his wife, Ann Romney, will keep her date with the ABC show.

“Over the weekend, his people said that he had scheduling problems, and would not be coming on with us, nor did they think he would reschedule,” Walters said. “We are sorry that we won’t have Governor Romney. He can change his mind, and we hope he does. It would be our pleasure to have him on the program.”

President Barack Obama has appeared repeatedly on “The View,” often making time for the show over talking one-on-one with world leaders.