Jon Stewart Tries to Drive Youth Vote to Obama

Jon Stewart Tries to Drive Youth Vote to Obama

There are thousands of Americans in the 20-30 age group who truly believe they are getting the news from Jon Stewart of Comedy Central. They have no idea that they are being played, no idea that Stewart gleefully reinforces the same liberal pablum they have passively imbibed at their universities. Most of these young people think that the jaundiced view of America and American values that they learn in college is much more sophisticated than what they have learned heretofore, and Stewart plays into their cynical world-view by lampooning everything that traditional America once stood for.

Stewart freely admits he’s always been a liberal, confessing that in high school he was “very into Eugene Debs and a bit of a leftist.” Eugene V. Debs was an outright socialist; if Stewart thinks that following Debs makes him “a bit of a leftist,” that lets you know just where he stands politically. More importantly, though, his supposed contempt for authority makes him the Pied Piper of the 20-30 age group.

Stewart is a Barack Obama acolyte, which makes sense because he, like Obama, refuses to tell the truth about exactly how the socialist policies of Obama will lead to a bleak economic future for the 20-30 crowd.  A classic example was Stewart’s “coverage” of the first presidential debate of 2012.

Stewart’s criticism of Romney consisted of accusing Romney of lying: “Obama lost even though Romney was lying his ass off the entire night!”

But it was Stewart who was lying. He hysterically responded to Romney’s claim that Obama cut $716 billion from Medicare: 

He’s not cutting $716 billion from the program!  He’s negotiating lower payment formulas to providers and insurance companies, aka, the exact same thing that’s in Paul Ryan’s budget plan!

Lie #1. Obama is cutting $716 billion from current Medicare recipients. He and his sycophants claim that by cutting reimbursement rates to providers and insurance companies, seniors will somehow magically be unaffected – but that assumes that doctors, insurance providers, and hospitals will simply take less money to perform the same tasks. Which is crap.

Then Stewart called Romney a liar for saying  that nearly half of the “green jobs” businesses that Obama had invested in had gone out of business: “Well, almost half.  Out of nearly three dozen, three of them have gone out.  So that’s almost half, except, aka, nowhere fucking near half!”

Lie #2. Of the nearly three dozen, sixteen had gone out of business. There were exactly 33 companies on Obama’s list. Half would have been 16 ½. Methinks Romney, a business whiz, can divide. Stewart, a stand-up comedian, cannot.

Stewart ended his litany of lies with this whopper. He lampooned Romney making the accusation that Obama had promised he’d cut the deficit in half, but instead, doubled it: “It went down!  It went from $1.2 trillion when he took office to $1.1 trillion now!  Mr. President, are you just going to let him roll you?”

According to the House Budget Committee: “Indeed, his (Obama’s 2012 deficit is projected to be 173 percent larger than the 2008 deficit before he took office.”

Stewart’s Democratic Party talking point is akin to saying you had a $300 credit card bill last month, and a $295 bill this month. Therefore you’ve paid down your deficit. Stewart needs to have a copy of Math for Dummies.

Stewart’s “criticism” of Obama, on the other hand, was comprised of exhorting Obama to stop being so passive:

How bad was the defeat?  Obama lost despite Mitt Romney doing this. ‘I’m sorry, Jim, I’m going to stop the subsidy to PBS.  I’m going to stop other things.  I like PBS, I love Big Bird.  Actually I like you, too.  But I’m not going to — I’m not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for.’

Motherfucker fired Big Bird!!  America’s favorite non-fried bird!  Motherfucker fired Big Bird and won! Beloved children’s character Big Bird, and the sad truth is Romney could’ve waterboarded Aladdin, put down Blue, deported Dora the Explorer and still won walking away!

Here’s what’s perhaps most maddening.  For the past year and a half, you, Mr. President, have inundated this country with urgent e-mails, begging for support, and money, and energy, and money, and money, and money. And it’s not just the number of e-mails, it’s the intensity of their content. “This Is Our One Shot”.  “Say You’re In”.  “Your Response Is Critical”.  “I Can’t Do This On My Own”. And by the way, you made that abundantly clear last night!

But the point is this.  You and your campaign have demanded a level of effort, urgency, and relentlessness from your supporters.  A level of effort, urgency, and relentlessness you failed to display in a national presidential debate.  Shouldn’t your urgency and passion be on par with the urgency and passion of your e-blasts?  Or are you not on your mailing lists?

I’m tempted to leave you with the wise words of a noted actor, whose campaign viral video has been forwarded to my inbox 1,900 times by some of your more passionate followers.  I believe it goes a little something like this.

Then Stewart played a video of Samuel L. Jackson waxing eloquent: “Wake the fuck up.”

If Stewart put on a miniskirt and waved pom-poms he couldn’t look more like a cheerleader for Obama. But then, this is nothing new; Obama has appeared on Comedy Central six times: November 7, 2005; August 22, 2007; April 21, 2008; October 29, 2008; and last Thursday, October 18.

if the 20-30 age group have any wisdom at all, they will stop acting like sheep and vote against Obama. When they believe Stewart is telling them the truth, they are sheep – being led to the slaughter.