Trailer Talk: 'House of Cards' Deals Out Political Corruption, but Will Spacey's Politics Intervene?

Trailer Talk: 'House of Cards' Deals Out Political Corruption, but Will Spacey's Politics Intervene?

A trailer for Netflix’s latest foray into original content, “House of Cards,” is now out on the Web. Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey stars in a series executive produced by David Fincher of “The Social Network” fame. 

Synopsis: Francis Underwood (Spacey) is Majority Whip. He has his hands on every secret inpolitics – and is willing to betray them all to become president.


Although it’s great to see Netflix creating original content and completely changing the distribution level of entertainment, the trailer for “House of Cards” may leave some concerns in the minds of conservatives. It’s also disappointing when one considers the level of talent on display and behind the scenes.

“Cards” presents Spacey as a politician trying to weasel his way into the White House by whatever means necessary. Though political corruption is something that should be attacked by both sides, and any chance to expose politicians for what they are should be celebrated, the trailer hints that the show may be playing the political game itself.

Besides the slight twang to Spacey’s character’s voice and a quick moment of combining Middle East talk with Reagan speak, is the fact that Spacey himself is a liberal whose comments should worry both conservatives and general television lovers.

Back in August, Spacey slyly referred to his “Cards” character as a “murderous politician.” In the same beat, he “humorously” compared the part and his behavior to that of Mitt Romney. Nice.

Politics aside, the “House of Cards” trailer underwhelms for many reasons. One being the fact that this show has pretty much already been done and done correctly. Kelsey Grammer’s “Boss” on Starz is a fantastic portrait of the political game perpetrated on the American people by BOTH parties. And “Boss” does it without taking sides. “Cards” looks to have less spark than “Boss” and seems rather slow and drab despite having Fincher behind the camera.

Here’s to hoping “House of Cards” is able to overcome its lead actor’s blatantly left politics and dazzle us with tales from D.C. Heck, any piece of art willing to show the crap politicians dole out to the American people as actual crap is worth checking out.

‘House of Cards’ premieres exclusively on Netflix Feb. 1, 2013.