Progress? Gay Villains A-OK in P.C.-Obsessed Hollywood

Progress? Gay Villains A-OK in P.C.-Obsessed Hollywood

Gays may be joining businessmen, Christians, and corporate moguls as the newest P.C. approved group for hounding our TV and film heroes. reports on an emerging trend in Hollywood where film and TV villains are cruel, cunning, and just so happen to be attracted to the same sex.

The site name checks “Dexter,” “Breaking Bad” and the latest Bond film as all having gay or possibly gay antagonists. Javier Bardem’s curious turn in “Skyfall” is clearly getting the most attention, in part because he appears to flirt with the most heterosexual character in movie lore, James Bond.

So far, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is taking a wait and see approach to the trend, and the essay follows suit. Should a gay villain act in a manner that doesn’t meet GLAAD’s approval, we’ll hear about it soon enough. And that may mean gay baddies are shelved for the foreseeable future.

It’s still progress of a sort. After all, protests erupt whenever Hollywood depicts radical Muslim terrorists on screens large and small. Even crafting Italians as mob figures alarms Italian-American special interest groups.

Screenwriters now don’t have to rely on those wascally capitalists as the go-to bad guy anymore.