Barbra Streisand Dishes, Details Diva Demands in 'Guilt Trip' Q&A

Barbra Streisand Dishes, Details Diva Demands in 'Guilt Trip' Q&A

Yup, Barbra Streisand is very aware of her diva status.

The multi-talented performer is back on the big screen later this month with the smothering mother-son comedy “The Guilt Trip.” The film screened for select crowds nationwide yesterday, and as part of the sneak peak “Trip” stars Streisand and Seth Rogen engaged in a streaming Q&A chat beamed into participating theaters. The movie casts Streisand as an overbearing mother who takes a cross-country trip with her son, played by Rogen.

Turns out the film was shot roughly 45 minutes from Streisand’s sizable Malibu home. Streisand, who has acted in just five films over the last 20 years, says “Trip” director Anne Fletcher pursued her rigorously for the part.

The actress acknowledged she made it hard for them to bring her aboard, “and they hired me anyway,” she quipped.

Rogen and Streisand looked comfortable during the Q&A, conducted awkwardly by Time magazine contributor Joel Stein. The format clearly caught the stars off guard, with the pair openly wondering about voices just off screen. Streisand dished all the same, sharing stories plucked from her decades-long career in Hollywood.

She talked about smoking weed with Peter Sellers, gently turning down an advance from Marlon Brando circa “The Missouri Breaks” era and how movie studios bring the latest films right to her door.

Conservatives will sharply disagree with Streisand on just about every political topic, but the veteran performer has more than a few tales to tell – assuming one doesn’t ask her to travel too far from home to share ’em.