Trailer Talk: 'Paranormal Activity' Spoof Scares Up Few Laughs

Trailer Talk: 'Paranormal Activity' Spoof Scares Up Few Laughs

The “Paranormal Activity” franchise cries out for a big screen parody. Screams is more like it.

Along comes “A Haunted House,” a movie parody ready, willing but not quite able to do so according to its trailer.

“A Haunted House’s” Marlon Wayans is the draw here, both starring and co-writing a tale of a couple who clearly moved into the wrong house. Reliable laugh getters David Koechner and Cedric the Entertainer pitch in, a good sign since film parodies demand strong casts to pull off the gags.

Wayans helped start the “Scary Movie” franchise, so he’s got a sturdy track record of mocking film genres. But the biggest laughs here involve potty humor, the kind of gags that work with very little ingenuity or effort.

The film’s saving grace may be its R rating, which could keep the best bits off a trailer geared for all audiences.

“A Haunted House” hits theaters Jan. 11, 2013.