'Breaking Bad' Script Stolen from Star Bryan Cranston's Car

'Breaking Bad' Script Stolen from Star Bryan Cranston's Car

A script from the final season of AMC’s Breaking Bad was stolen earlier this month and remains missing.

Show star Bryan Cranston filed a report on March 1 that someone smashed his car window and snatched his shoulder bag containing an iPad and a script from the critically acclaimed television show. KOAT Albuquerque reported the incident, saying a tip leaked to an employee of Cranston’s led to the suspect being caught. That isn’t the end of the story, though.

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office said the script hasn’t been recovered and the investigation is ongoing.

The AMC series, set to air the second half of the show’s fifth and final season this summer, stars Cranston as a chemistry teacher who starts selling meth after being diagnosed with inoperable cancer.