Kelsey Grammer Won't Rule Out Political Run

Kelsey Grammer Won't Rule Out Political Run

Actor Kelsey Grammer is one of the entertainment industry’s most prominent conservatives, but parts of his past read like they would prevent him for even considering a run for office.

He’s been a tabloid staple for addiction issues, failed marriages and a brief stint in jail on drunk driving charges. Yet he’s emerged as one of the industry’s more trustworthy talents, from his dual stint as Frasier Crane on both Cheers and Frasier to his masterful work on Starz’s Boss.

Grammer tells the UK Guardian he does think about getting involved in politics at some point, and he wouldn’t let his prior struggles stop him.

And would he really, as he has suggested several times in the past, consider running for office as a Republican? “That still may happen,” he says. “It would be a big nut to swallow.” What would voters make of the alcohol, the drugs, the multiple wives or, for that matter, the sex tape (yes, there was one, in 1998)?

“Oh, all that would come up,” Grammer says. “But I don’t think it needs to stick. George Bush went through something similar and he said, ‘Look, there’s some stuff in my past.’ And then you move on.”