Adam Carolla Dismisses Comic Who Calls Him 'Nazi,' 'Bigot'

Adam Carolla Dismisses Comic Who Calls Him 'Nazi,' 'Bigot'

Roasts shouldn’t be taken seriously, but sometimes jokes pack truths that can’t be avoided. It’s equally true that the joke teller reveals something about himself or herself during these exchanges.

Consider Andy Kindler, a little-known humorist who performs a “State of the Industry” comic rant each year at the Just for Laughs festival. This year, Kindler turned his attention to podcast king Adam Carolla, and what followed seemed far less funny than simply lashing out at someone who doesn’t toe the liberal comic line.

He began by calling Carolla a “bigot with a capital Nazi” and a “muscle-headed hate bot.”

“I hate these people who think they are stand-ups because they’ve done it a couple of times,” Kindler said, adding why Carolla, whose Road Hard movie project details the life of a stand-up, would know what such a life even entails.

He finished by saying what Carolla, who leans to the right on some issues, does on his podcasts “is what “neo-Nazis should have thought of years ago.”

Once more, a liberal trots out the Nazi card to describe someone who doesn’t follow every progressive talking point in his act. Kindler might want to do some rudimentary fact checking before his next rant, though. Carolla has been touring as a stand-up comic for years, graduating from “Chuckles” style comedy venues to more prestigious arenas.

As for Carolla himself, he didn’t take the roasting to heart. In fact, he said he was “flattered” that anyone would burn so many calories even thinking about him.

Carolla told his podcast audience that some people simply wish to make others “conform” to groupthink. That pressure no longer applies to him now that he operates his own business by his own rules.

“You guys can all fuck yourselves. I have a pirate ship,” he told his listeners without any sizable anger in his voice. “Say what you want. Lie. Do whatever you want. Blackball me. I’ll take my fans with me.”

Carolla may be taking the comic high road here, but the push to silence comics who embrace even a quasi-conservative mantra is no laughing matter.