Matt Damon: Edward Snowden's Leaks a 'Great Thing'

Matt Damon: Edward Snowden's Leaks a 'Great Thing'

Actor Matt Damon hasn’t researched the entire case involving leaker extraordinaire Edward Snowden, but the Elysium star knows enough to dub the leaks a “great thing.”

Damon, who starred in three political thrillers as the wily Jason Bourne, told an interviewer that some good came out of Snowden’s intelligence leaks.

He described the revelations as “pretty shocking.”

And he declared: “On balance, I think that it’s a great thing that he did.”

The leaks speak to a bigger issue of freedom versus safety, one Damon thinks should be decided on a “collective” basis.

“If we’re going to trade our civil liberties for our security, then that should be a decision that we collectively make,” he said.