Rapper Gucci Mane Arrested for Weapon, Marijuana Possession

Rapper Gucci Mane Arrested for Weapon, Marijuana Possession

ATLANTA, Sept. 15 (UPI)–Police in Atlanta said they arrested rapper Gucci Mane for disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana and carrying a gun.

The rapper was arrested early Saturday morning after a man flagged down officers because he was concerned about the way Mane, whose real name is Radric Davis, was acting, CNN reported Sunday.

Mane, 33, became “increasingly agitated,” police said, adding that he cursed and threatened the officers.

Police arrested Mane and discovered he was carrying a small amount of marijuana and a handgun. Mane is a convicted felon, so he’s not allowed to carry weapons, CNN said.

Mane was arrested in march for allegedly hitting a soldier in the head with a champagne bottle during a bar fight. He pleaded not guilty in May to the assault charge.

He was also arrested in 2010 for traffic violations, which were dismissed for want of prosecution. Murder charges against Mane for allegedly shooting a man to death were dropped in 2005 because of insufficient evidence.