'Lone Survivor' Director: SEALs' Story 'Changed Me Forever'

'Lone Survivor' Director: SEALs' Story 'Changed Me Forever'

Director Peter Berg says he’s famous for picking up books but never reading them cover to cover.

That didn’t happen when he cracked Lone Survivor, Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s harrowing story of his battle against Taliban fighters.

Berg recalled his reaction to the book for members of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (note: I am a member of the group).

“Without overstating it, this book, Marcus’s narrative, changed me forever,” Berg writes in a letter to BFCA members.

“It’s all too infrequent to find such valor and such values and such humanity, as evidenced in this deeply personal and heartbreaking story,” he adds. “It’s a story worth telling, about men worth remembering.”

Lone Survivor will be release in select theaters Dec. 27 with a wider rollout planned for early 2014.