Obama Gives Oprah Winfrey Presidential Medal of Freedom After She Attacked U.S. as Racist

Obama Gives Oprah Winfrey Presidential Medal of Freedom After She Attacked U.S. as Racist

On Wednesday, Oprah Winfrey received from a grateful President Barack Obama the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

To Winfrey, freedom apparently means continually labeling America as racist; only days before she hung the coveted medal around her neck Winfrey told the BBC that Americans derided Obama because he is black.

But calling America racist is nothing new for the erstwhile TV queen; she has consistently used the same meme in her publicity for her movie Lee Daniels’ The Butler. She said American racism would not die until an entire generation of people “born and bred and marinated” died themselves.

Obama played his victim card in comparing himself to Winfrey, saying:

Early in Oprah Winfrey’s career, her bosses told her she should change her name to Susie. I have to pause here to say I got the same advice. They didn’t say I should be named ‘Susie,’ but they suggested I should change my name. People can relate to Susie, that’s what they said. It turned out, surprisingly, that people could relate to Oprah just fine.”

But then Obama outdid himself, calling the race-mongerer Winfrey an inspiration because she catalyzes her countrymen to “discover the best in ourselves”:

In more than 4,500 episodes of her show, her message was always, “You can.” “You can do and you can be and you can grow and it can be better.” And she was living proof, rising from a childhood of poverty and abuse to the pinnacle of the entertainment universe. But even with 40 Emmys, the distinction of being the first black female billionaire, Oprah’s greatest strength has always been her ability to help us discover the best in ourselves. Michelle and I count ourselves among her many devoted fans and friends.  As one of those fans wrote, “I didn’t know I had a light in me until Oprah told me it was there.”  What a great gift.