Snoop Dogg: I Inhaled in the White House

Snoop Dogg: I Inhaled in the White House

President Bill Clinton says he didn’t inhale. Snoop Dogg says he rarely stops.

The rapper is in the news again, but not for dropping any new music. He joined Jimmy Kimmel for a goofy Q&A, and during their exchange Snoop told a story about his behavior in a White House lavatory.

Suffice to say he indulged in something President Barack Obama admitted to doing in his younger days.

In an episode of his online show “GGN: The Double G News Network” that just went live, Snoop Dogg claimed he smoked Mary Jane in a White House bathroom.

Though Mr. Dogg did not explicitly say so, the implication was that President Obama was not there when the rapper toked up. For the record: Obama recently turned down pot at a bar in Denver – though, if it’s relevant, he has been known to dodge questions about whether he smokes cigarettes of the non-marijuana variety in the White House.