Seth Meyers Hectors Megyn Kelly About Fox News, Media Bias

Seth Meyers Hectors Megyn Kelly About Fox News, Media Bias

Seth Meyers’ liberal bias came through loud and clear during his Saturday Night Live days. In case anyone had any doubts, the comedian revealed it himself during a particularly transparent interview.

Old habits die hard.

Meyers invited popular journalist Megyn Kelly from Fox News on his late night show this week. He proceeded to badger her with questions about Fox News’ slant, the kind of queries he’d never ask of anyone associated with, say, MSNBC.

MEYERS: You describe yourself as a fair, down-the-middle journalist. You’re between, your show is on between two, I would describe as very conservative, journalists. You’re on after Bill O’Reilly, you’re on before Sean Hannity-…

MEYERS: And is it hard – but you know, is it hard on Fox News to convince people or make people believe this idea that you are sort of a down-the-middle journalist?

KELLY: No. I mean, I think they know. They watch the show. You know, I do sort of a news analysis show in the evening. But I’m not out there like O’Reilly, you know, calling for the troops to do X, Y or Z. Or advising President Obama on how he needs to behave. It’s not my thing. But, you know, we’ll put pundits on who will offer their opinions.