Young Woman Claims Bill Cosby Drugged Her, Licked Her Toes

Young Woman Claims Bill Cosby Drugged Her, Licked Her Toes

Another woman has come forward to accuse comedian Bill Cosby of sexual assault, claiming the event took place as recently as 2008, which is within the California statute of limitations. 

The latest accuser claims that while at a party at the Playboy mansion, she was drugged and awoke to find Cosby licking and kissing her toes, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Cloe Goins claims when she was 18-years-old she attended a party at the Los Angeles home of Hugh Hefner. 

There, Goins said Hefner introduced the women to Cosby, whom she alleges gave them drinks.  

Goins told the Daily Mail of the alleged encounter: 

I wasn’t really supposed to drink because of my age, but I was like, okay, cool. I thought I’d got a drink on the side everything kind of went a little foggy, I started feeling sick to my stomach and just dizzy.

She says Cosby then escorted her to one of the bedrooms in the mansion so she could get some rest, but she doesn’t remember making it there. 

Her next memory was waking up “butt naked” with Cosby partially clothed and pleasuring himself above her. 

“I came to and remember seeing this big man crouched over me. It was Bill Cosby, and he was at my feet, kind of licking and kissing them and I think he bit my toe as that’s what woke me up,” Goins said. 

Goins claims Cosby then jumped up, pulled up his pants and left the room. 

She believes he groped her body and licked her breasts. 

The woman plans to make a full statement to Los Angeles police, according to The Daily Mail

The woman joins at least 20 others, who have made similar claims against the iconic family-friendly comic. 

Both Cosby, and his wife Camille broke their silence this week in separate statements, denying the allegations. 

Camille Cosby questioned the media’s handling of the accusations. “There appears to be no vetting of my husband’s accusers before stories are published or aired,” she said. “An accusation is published, and immediately goes viral.”