Darius Rucker Records Song for Young Cancer Survivor

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Memphis, TN

Country singer and former Hootie and the Blowfish front man Darius Rucker has released an inspiring new song about a young boy who courageously won his battle with cancer.

Brennan Simkins, who was only seven years old when he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, is the subject of the heartwarming anthem “Possibilities,” which was written by his father, reports Country Music Nation.

Brennan’s dad, Turner, wrote the song as a way to thank the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital staff that helped to save his son’s life. The elder Simkins began working on the project soon after his son’s fourth bone marrow transplant, which had left him in a dangerous and vulnerable condition. That’s when music promoter Joe Stevenson, a friend to the Simkins family, encouraged Turner to write “Possibilities” as a means of therapy.

Darius Rucker found out about the project and soon came on board to record the song in a one-day set in Memphis, Tennessee. “Music is really good at giving people hope to think things are going to get better. That’s what this song is all about,” Rucker said. “I think a lot of parents, when their kids get sick, hope is so hard to find. When I heard it, I was excited to do it.”

Brennan was even able to meet Rucker during the recording session, in which the singer enlisted other children from the hospital as back-up singers.

Turner spoke about the impact of his song:

It’s about gratitude and the gifts we always have, regardless of our circumstances…

It’s a song about faith, friends, family, and possibilities.

St. Jude is willing to take lost causes when others will not. We’ve been affected and inspired by St. Jude and its mission. We hope others will be, too.

Some of the songs lyrics, which are about fighting through adversity, partially read:

I’ve been keeping all my dreams inside,

I’ve been saying all my prayers at night,

Waiting on the sun to shine a light on the possibilities,

‘Cause I ain’t done living the life I’m meant to lead,

and I ain’t done loving the ones who care for me,

The hope and the strength and the love and the smiles and the laughter of friends and family…

Add it up you’ll find no limit to the possibilities…

Cause I’m gonna fight and walk out of this room…

For the full impact of the inspiring single, watch the video below.

Watch: Darius Rucker Sings His Inspiring New Song, Possibilities